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We just finished our 19th Uniform.

USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant with 28+ years in.

This is the highest ranking and most intricate uniform we have ever done . Keeping that in mind I would like to thank the following people and business for helping get this done. American Army Navy Surplus in Orlando initially referred the family to us and also contributed to the uniform itself. G.I.Jeffs in Daytona and Brandi ( the Bloodhound) for her incredible ability to come up with damn near everything anytime I walk in the door. Amer at Gear Up in Titusville for staying on suppliers when it comes to a rush order( pretty much everything we do is a rush ,but Amer is on his game) Sgt. Roger White owner of Daddy O’s I in Port St John. Animating Uniform that comes through us, Roger’s hands are the last one to touch it. ALL USMC uniforms have been set by Roger and will continue to be as long as He and I have a breath in our bodies.

Nancy and Shawn Dahlke at Stargazers Embroidery do ALL of our patchwork both placing and sewing patches ,and in this case actually fabricating the 7 rows of Hashmarks on the sleeves when nobody else had them. Vinnie , Carlos , and all of Marine Corps League Detachment 513 for their backing in this swiftly growing endeavor. Vinnie contributed the period accurate Waistplate from his private collection, and Carlos ( another Master Gunnery Sergeant) for giving things a final lookover. I will be presenting the Uniform to the family tomorrow at the Bunker ( 3400 North Tanner Road) during the Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Weekend. I couldn’t think of a more fitting time and place to do so. This is the first time I have chosen to post the process we go through as it is the biggest one yet. All of this is done at NO CHARGE TO THE FAMILY. ..EVER. If you are reading this ..THANK YOU. Now please share the hell out of it ! We need all manner of uniforms and all the hardware that goes with them to keep this going.

Thank You for reading this and sticking with us.

The Dover Detail