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Welcome to The Dover Detail.


Everyday, there are military veterans that pass away and have no family to help coordinate their arrangements most especially, the way they will be dressed for their final resting place. They do not have access to a military dress uniform due to family not being available.

That is where The Dover Detail comes in. We will, at NO CHARGE to the veteran or their family, provide that veteran with the appropriate dress uniform for their burial.


We just completed our 40th uniform and will be driving it up to Jax tomorrow . I recently decided to switch focus and concentrate all resources to the Dover Detail program, which has served people not just in Brevard, but across the country to include Mo , Tx, Ny, Ga , P.R. ,La, Multiples in Fl and a Bronze Star uniform to Arlington National in D.C. This program serves not only the Vet but the best backup a Vet has, his or her family (Vet serves, the family serves as well) . Damn near every time I’m told “You have no idea what this means to us.” They are right , I don’t . I have no idea what it’s like to be faced with all of this and have no idea where to start. 


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